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A door under glass Deaf door A door under glass Deaf door

Of vita
Of vita

A door under glass Deaf door

  1. A furnish kind:
     - : ("Of vita")
     - : "Fine Line", ("Irida")
     - : "Fine Line", ("Irida")

  2. Covering structure: A ground, a varnish," akzo nobel ".

  3. Manufacturing techniques: The skeleton is executed from a file""pines on which by means of hot pressing the interline interval is pasted. the pine file forms a basis for an interline interval and consequently requirements are high enough:
    • Wood is dried up to humidity 8 + / - 2 %;
    • By mechanical operations the dried up material passes manufacture optimisation (i.e. various defects of wood are cut out, namely: knots, putridities, cracks, pitch pockets);
    • Preparations mill and "thorn-groove"with use of glue of manufacture of germany.

  4. Preparations of plates From are milled under the necessary drawing. preparations calibrate in the confirmed size, according to the enterprise specifications and technical documentation. the received products in a special purpose thermopress. the completed preparations gather in offered models of a door cloth. half-finished products pass careful operational development () owing to what all roughnesses of a surface are eliminated. in the course of a multilayered covering paint and varnish materials make intermediate grinding that allows to remove pile of an interline interval and to make a covering better, smooth and strong.

  5. Finished articles from 4 parties a corrugated cardboard, with the subsequent passage through a thermopacking line. received original packing protects production from mechanical damages during transportation and storage in a warehouse of the customer.

  6. Complete with a door cloth the door box (5 running metres) "the semicircular" form, made of a pine, revetted with the same interline interval and in the same colour, as a door cloth is offered:
    • . the box is completed with a sealant.
    • A platband (11 running metres), made fromrevetted with the same interline interval and in the same colour, as a door cloth.

  7. At will of customer .

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